about us

The Greenville Tea Party is a volunteer grassroots assembly dedicated to advancing our country’s founding values of free markets, constitutionally limited government, fiscal and personal responsibility.

Are you angry about certain government actions and policies ? Well, which government ? The Greenville Tea Party has various activities, events and programs designed to improve government at the local, state and national levels.

Are you interested in informing fellow conservatives about new initiatives and/or groups that further the cause of liberty? Then consider doing so at one of our monthly meetings.

Do you know how your SC elected representatives are voting on matters that will affect your life and the lives of your loved ones ? The annual Greenville Tea Party Legislative ScoreCard can provide the answers.

Would you like to maximize conservative voting in your neighborhood? Consider getting involved with the Greenville Tea Party’s Mobile Patriot System for organizing voting precincts.

How about directly influencing legislation pending in Columbia ? The
Greenville Tea Party’s Advocacy Center could use your help.
So go ahead ! Get involved !

A new direction

By joining the Tea Party, you are taking a stand for our nation. You will be upholding the grand principles set forth in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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    Free Market Economics
    FREE MARKET ECONOMICS made America an economic superpower that for at least two centuries provided subsequent generations of Americans more opportunities and higher standards of living....
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    Fiscal Responsibility
    FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY means not overspending, and not burdening our children and grandchildren with our bills. In the words of Thomas Jefferson: “the principle of spending money...
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    Constitutionally Limited Government
    CONSTITUTIONALLY LIMITED GOVERNMENT means power resides with the people and not with the government. Governing should be done at the most local level possible where it...

Political activity

1773 – Ships filled with Tea

On December 16, a group of men boarded the ships and dumped all the tea in the harbor.

1774 – Punishment

The Massachusetts Government Act eliminates the Massachusetts charter of government.

1775 – George Washington

On June 15, Washington was nominated to lead the army; he accepted the next day.

Open Record on Votes

We helped South Carolina make sure all voice votes were on record!

2010 -  Presidential Election

We had a forum in Greenville to hear the candidates.

2013 -  Reinvigorate the Tea Party

Our new website and other items are going to keep our foot on the gas!